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Is it possible to thrive this Holiday Season?

My goal for the holiday season has always been to enjoy the season feeling healthy, energized, and proud of myself.  

This month newsletter is focused on encouraging you to Enjoy the Holidays and successfully Transition into January Resolutions!

It’s hard to believe the winter holidays are almost here. And 2024 is quickly approaching.

With the colder weather, busier schedules, and less-than-ideal foods we eat during the holidays…

….maintaining a strong immune system can be…difficult! 

Yet, with winter flus. And colds. And germs recirculating in heated, closed rooms…

Preventing illness in the first place is…So. Very. Crucial.

That’s where your juicing habit comes in. 

And - to help - here are 3 ingredients I recommend you add to your morning juice. 

So you can stay flu-free this season:

Turmeric/Ginger - Turmeric and ginger are excellent for lowering inflammation. And fighting free radicals. That helps you boost your immune system and recover faster. 

Oranges - When you think orange juice, you probably think of Tropicana, or other pasteurized sugar water. That orange “juice” could actually feed a cold or flu. But cold-pressed oranges (and other citrus fruits) are rich in vitamin C, while being low glycemic. That helps boost your immune system. And increase the absorption of other vital nutrients. 

Beets - Beets are nutrient-dense. And they are incredibly detoxifying… which helps you eliminate the bad stuff you eat during the holidays.

And, like turmeric, beets also have anti-inflammatory compounds to fight illness and boost recovery time. 

Drinking juice is incredibly healing.

Drinking it every day keeps your body working optimally.

And adding these immunity-boosting ingredients?

That’s all you need to: Stay. Healthy. This holiday season.

Until next time, 

Teri Sewell

Culinary Nutrition Health Coach and Educator

Struggling to feel your best this holiday season? Let’s chat. 

Our special bonus this December is a 5-day Juicing Kickstart E-book. You can download the free ebook to see how juicing can give you the boost you need. 

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