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Exercise Ideas for the Cold Winter Months

Winter is here, and you might have already moved your workouts indoors. While most days, an indoor workout away from the cold sounds ideal, there are several enjoyable winter activities to get active outdoors.

Here are some exercise ideas for the cold winter months so that you can continue moving all season long.

Shovel The Snow

"Exercise is Free Therapy."

Not only will you clean off your driveway of front porch, but you'll get a full workout from it too! Shoveling the snow is no easy task. Scooping, lifting, and throwing that heavy, wet snow activates the muscles in your arms, legs, and abs. Make sure you dress warm and don't pus yourself too hard - if your shovel is too heavy, you could get injured trying to lift it.

Home Workout

"Worst plan you can have for your health is no plan".

If braving the cold isn't your thing, opt for an indoor workout this season. You can get a very effective workout form the comfort and safety of your home. There is an unlimited number of free workout videos available online, from yoga to strength training. If you wish, you can buy some simple equipment, such as a resistance band and ankle weights, but you don't need it. There are tons of options out there for equipment-free workouts that you can follow, and they're highly effective.


"Take Action, And Take Action Now."

This winter, try something new. Snowshoeing is a fun way to exercise in the winter months. It may look easy, but it's a full-body workout that burns a lot of calories, up to 1,000 calories per hour. It is great for our cardiovascular health and muscles, especially when ascending hills. The health benefits of snowshoeing include low-impact muscle building, endurance building, balance strengthening and agility. Best of all you will improve your sense of well-being by connecting to nature.

Go for a Walk

Winter can be a beautiful time to go for a walk. You don't need any expensive or specific gear, it's free, and you can do it anywhere. Make sure to dress warm, wear a hat, scarf, and gloves, and boots that have good grip if it's slippery. If you prefer to take a walk through the mall or go to a museum or art gallery. That way, you'll also have something to look at and pass the time - before you know it, you'll have been walking for hours. Bringing a friend or family member with you will make things even more fun.

In health and happiness,

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Teri Sewell Huff

Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach

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