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Set A New Goal

You don't have to limit yourself to only setting new goals as you approach the new year. One practice I like is setting seasonal goals. These can often revolve around the different feelings of each season, which helps for these new habits and practices to feel more natural.

For example, you can plan to start taking daily walks in springtime. This will feel like an exciting goal you are ready to begin because the weather is changing from frigid to tolerable, and the sunshine is warmer each day. You'll be clamoring to get outside and enjoy it, which will make your daily walks almost seem effortless.

Another seasonal example might be focusing on going to bed earlier and getting at least eight hours of sleep in the winter. This will be way easier when the sun sets early in the winter months and might feel way more challenging if you set the same goal in summer when it's daylight for longer.

"Your body deserves the best”

Autumn may be known as a season for comfort food, but it's easy to stay fit with healthy fall activities. From enjoying the outdoors to eating the season's best produce, there are many ways to be well in autumn.

I love going to the Farmers Market because the choices are at the peak in early fall. Plenty of vegetables come into season in autumn, but we can't forget about fall's finest fruit. Apples are an autumnal treasure and it's a favorite tradition to go apple picking.